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  Articles - English language

Article - Journey to Rory´s Grave
The Rory Gallagher Story
Interview 2003 with Donal Gallagher
off. Biography `03
  Artikel in Deutscher Sprache

Good Times Interview 1992
Erli´s Bericht
Rory Gallagher-Story Teil 1
Rory Gallagher-Story Teil 2
Nachruf "Goodtimes"
Interview "Goodtimes"
Artikel vom 16.12.1994
Biographie von 1973
1. Rory Gallagher - Review
Reise zu Rory´s Grab
"Talkin´ blues"
"Talkin´ blues" - Teil 2
"Talkin´ blues" - Teil 3
The Taste
Die Rory Gallagher Story
Edged in Blue
Rory Gallagher Nachruf
  Rory Gallagher - Discography

The Taste:
1967 Taste First
Taste: Taste
1968 Taste in Concert (Marquee)
1970 Live Taste
1970 Taste - On the Boards
1970 Taste - Live at the Isles of Wight
Taste - Greatest Hits
The best of Taste
Taste: Popgiants Vol. 5
1998 Taste - The Best of Taste

Rory and his Band:
1971 Rory Gallagher
1971 Deuce
1972 Live in Europe
1973 Blueprint
1973 Tattoo
1973 The Best Years
1974 Irish Tour
1974 The Story of Rory Gallagher
1975 Against the Grain
1976 Calling Card
1978 Photo-Finish
1979 Top Priority
1980 Stage Struck
1982 Jinx
1987 Defender
1990 Fresh Evidence
1992 Edged in Blue
1998 Etched in Blue
1999 BBC-Sessions
  Rory Gallagher - Guitartabs

Ain't Too Good
A Million Miles Away
A Million Miles Away - 2
As The Crow Flies (Tony Joe White)
Brute, Force And Ignorance(Intro)
Bullfrog Blues
Calling Card
Continental Op
Cradle Rock
Crest Of A Wave
Daughter Of The Everglades
Edged In Blue
Empire State Express (Son House)
Follow Me
For The Last Time
Ghost Blues
Ghost Blues - 2
Hands Off
I Fall Apart - 2
Jacknife Beat
Living Like A Trucker
Messin´ With The Kid
Moonchild Excerpts
Morning Sun
Nothin' But The Devil (Lightnin' Slim)
Out On The Western Plain
Out On The Western Plain - 2
Pistol Slapper Blues
Race The Breeze
Rory Gallagher - Different Riffs
Shadow Play Guitar Solo
Sinner boy - Introduction
Souped Up Ford
Tattoo'd Lady - Basstab
The Cuckoo
They Don´t Make Them Like You Anymore
They Don´t Make Them Like You Anymore - Basstab
Unmilitary Two-Step
Used To Be - Introduction
Used To Be
  Rory - Lyrics

20 : 20 Vision
A Million Miles Away
Admit It
Ain´t Too Good
All Around Man
As The Crow Flies
At The Bottom
At The Depot
Banker´s Blues
Bad Penny
Barley And Grape Rag
Big Guns
Bought And Sold
Brute Force & Ignorance
Bullfrog Blues
Calling Card
Can´t Believe It´s True
Cloak And Dagger
Continental Op
Country Mile
Cradle Rock
Crest Of A Wave
Cross Me Of Your List
Cruise On Out
Daughter Of The Everglades
Do You Read Me
Doing Time
Don´t Know Where I´m Going
Don't Start Me Talkin´
Double Vision
Edged In Blue
Empire State Express
Failsafe Day
Follow Me
For The Last Time
Fuel To The Fire
Ghost Blues
Going To My Hometown
Gypsy Woman
Hands Off
Hands Up
Heaven´s Gate
Hell Cat
I Ain't No Saint
I Could´ve Had Religion
I Take What I Want
I´ll Admit You´re Gone
I´m Not Awake Yet
I´m Not Surprised
If I Had A Reason
It Takes Time
It´s You
I Fall Apart
In Your Town
I Wonder Who
Jacknife Beat
Just A Little Bit
Just Hit Town
Just The Smile
Jackknife Beat
Kickback City
'Kid' Gloves
King Of Zydeco
Last Of The Independants
Let Me In
Livin´ Like A Trucker
Loanshark Blues
Loose Talk
Lost At Sea
Maybe I Will
Messin´ With The Kid
Middle Name
Morning Sun
No Peace For The Wicked
Off The Handle
Out Of My Mind
Out On The Western Plain
Overnight Bag
Pistol Slapper Blues
Public Enemy No. 1
Race The Breeze
Ride On Red, Ride On
Road To Hell
Secret Agent
Seems To Me
Seven Days
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Shadow Play
Shin Kicker
Should I´ve Learnt My Lesson
Smear Campaign
Souped - Up Ford
Sleep On A Clothes Line
Slumming Angel
Tattoo´d Lady
The Continental OP
The Devil Made Me Do It
The Mississippi Sheiks
There´s A Light
They Don´t Make Them Like You Anymore
Too Much Alcohol
Used To Be
Walk On Hot Coals
Walking Wounded
Wave Myself Goodbye
Wayward Child
Whole Lotta People
Who´s That Coming
  Bootleg - Artwork / Bootleg - Cover

68,69 BBC/69 Essen Germany/ 69 Arhus Denmark/70 BBC/72 Cork  (Masa)
11/09/69 Arhus Denmark & 09/18/70 Stockholm Sweden (J. Klein)
`70 The Taste, Live in Basel
70 Basel Switzerland, the Irish Werewolf
70 Hamburg Markthalle, Germany
70/71/72/73 Beat Club, Tasting the Beat club
02/??/70 Dutch Courage
06.05.1970 / Febr. 1970   Amsterdam / Basel  "Just a Rolling Stone"
08.28.1970 Live at the isles of Wight (Masa)
09.18.70/09.31.71/09.23.71 Old Three Concert (Masa)
1971/1972 BBC in Concert (Masa)
71/72/74 Freeman Archives
71/72/74 Listen to this Bono
71/72/76 Listen to this Bono 2
07/??/71 Enschede, Technische Hogeschool
10.13.1971 Los Angeles, Whiskey a Go Go (Masa)
12.28.1971 Live City Hall, Cork  (Masa)
72 Papagajo
72/73 The Cuckoo
1972/1973 The Bullfrog Interlude
72 74 HR Studios Frankfurt / BBC Sessions
02.20.1972 Verona, Italy  (Masa)
03.31.72 Central Hall England (Masa)
09/08/72 Cleveland, Allen Theatre
12.27.1972 Dublin Ireland  "a christmas Blues for Dublin"
12.28.1972 Cork, Ireland  "can´t fight cityhall Vol. 4"
1973 Live in London, what´s the Story Rory  (Masa)
01.20.73 Bietigheim, Germany
02.01.1973 BBC 4th In Concert
09/73 Atlanta, Georgia
10/21/73 Bremen, Germany
10/24/73 Frankfurt, Germany
10/25/73 Ludwigshafen, Germany
12/03/73 Birmingham, England
74 "Songs for Romy"
1974/1977/1979  calling hard, official G-men bootleg series
01.25.74 Tokyo, Japan "Samurai Stratocaster"
01.28.74 Tokyo  "oh no, there goes Tokyo"
01.30.74 Japan Tour `74, Tokyo
03.01.74 Cork, Cityhall, "can´t fight cityhall Vol. 5"
03.17.74 London, Hippodrome  "A Bottle Of Gin"
04/14/74 London, "Golders Green"
Aug. 1974 Cowtown Ballroom Kansas CD1
Aug. 1974  Cowtown Ballroom Kansas CD2
Aug. 1974  Cowtown Ballroom Kansas CD3
08.04.1974 Liberty in Houston  (Masa)
08/11/74 Central Island
08.12.1974 Agora, Cleveland  "Hot Summer Night 1"
08.13.1974 Agora, Cleveland  "Hot Summer Night 2"
09.08.74  Roslyn, NY, Denim and a Strat
12.28.1974 City Hall, Cork  (Masa)
03/07/75 Madrid, Spain
05.12.1975 Ancienne, France  (Masa)
05/13/75 Brussels, Forest National
76 Warsaw, Poland  
1976 FM USA (02/08/76  & 11/01/76)
1976 - 1977 Live at the BBC
01.16.76 Chicago, Aragon Ballroom
03.02.76 old grey whistle test "souped up birthday"
03.09.76 Offenburg, Germany
03/27/76 Antwerpen, Belgium
10.06.76 Cologne Germany, Rockpalast (Per Bjørge Hansen)
11.03.76 Detroit
1977 BBC
01.18.1977 Live at Hammersmith, London
04.06.77 London, Golders Green
06.22.1977 Live In Brittain `78  (Masa)
06.22.1977  Live in Brittain 1978   (me)
06/22/77 Live in Brittain 1978
07.22.1977 Live Montreux, chequered shirt wizzard
07.23.77 Essen Germany, Rockpalast  (Per Bjørge Hansen)
07/23/77 Essen, Germany "Rockpalast" Long Version
07.25.77 Ghent, Belgium (Masa)
03/11/77 Tokyo, Japan,  Afternoon show
07.02.1978 Horton, Horton Festival
08.1978 Live San Franzisco "Shadow Play"
78 Live in London "Super Golden Radioshows No 016"
10/19/78 Bordeaux, France
11.09.78 Chicago "live at the Parkwest"
11.17.1978 Philadelphia  "Live in Philly"
11/21/78 Cleveland, the Agora
11/21/78 Toronto, Canada "El Mocambo"
1979 BBC
79 NYC Bottom Line
01.12.1979 Middlesex Polytech
05.06.79 Maifestspiele Wiesbaden, Germany  (Per Bjørge Hansen)
06.05.1979 Maifestspiele Wiesbaden (Rockpalast) (me)
07.09.1979 Roslyn, NY  "My Fathers Place" (J. Klein)
07 & 08/18/79 Saarbrücken, Germany & Montreux, Switzerland
08.24.79 Texas, Opry House  "Texas Two Step"
09.20.79  London, England, "live at the Venue"
10.18.79 Sittard "live at the city hall"
10.27.79 Stockholm  "Live at the Koncerthuset"
10.30.1979 Stockholm  "gave Stockholm my Calling Card"
11/15/79 Todds Place, New Heaven
11.22.79 New Jersey "do you read me Alex?"
1980 BBC
01.25.80 Paris, Baltard Pavillon, France  (Masa)
08.22.80 London, Reading Festival
01.11.81 & 12.14.81 London/Stockholm "messin´ with the Kid"
01.11.81 & 12.14.81 London/Stockholm (masa)
02/19/81 Paris, France
09.12.1981 Athen, Greece (Stefanos)
01.16.1982 Offenburg (Masa)
03.08.82 Paris, Olympia, France
03.08.82 L'Olympia, Paris, France (other artwork)
03/19/82 Dijon, France
05.28.1982 Glasgow, live from the Apollo
07/18/82 Ireland, Punchtown Festival
08.28.82 Loreley Rockpalast, Germany  (Per Bjørge Hansen)
09.25.82 Old Waldorf, San Francisco  (Masa)
11/15/82 Montreal, Canada, the Spectrum
05/07/83 Paris, France "shamrock"
12/28/83 Dublin, Ireland "SFX Hall"
01.06.1984 Belfast Ireland Ulster Hall, Short Version
01.06.84 Belfast, Northern Ireland
03.06.1984 Tromsö (Masa)
03.06.1984 Tromsö   (me)
07/15/84 Pistoia, Italy
09.09.1984 Ahlen, Holland (Masa)
10/12/84 Tegelen, Holland, short Version
10/12/84 Tegelen, Holland, Bluesfestival
05.17.85 Palo Alto, Ca.,  The Stone
05/26/85 Cardis Houston, Texas
05.26.1985 Cardis, Houston, Texas,  03.18.1980 Capitol England  (Masa)
06.01.1985 Cedar Lake, Indiana, midwest Ballroom
06/12/85 Rhode Island, Lupo´s Heartbreak Hotel  (CD 1)
06.12.85 Rhode Island, Lupo´s Heartbreak Hotel  (CD 2)
06.16.85 San Franzisco, the Stone
06/28/85 New York, Sundance Bayshore
07.05.85 Montreux "Blues Force"
05.12.1986 Paris, Le Casino  (me)
05/15/86 Lille, France
05/15/86 Lille, France (another one)
05/16/86 Lille, France
05.23.1986 Clermont-Ferrand, France
05/28/86 Toulouse, France
08.14.86 Washington, Saba Club
07/09/86 Barcelona, Spain
1987 Dortmund, "Standing Ovation" ( Masa)
1987 Dortmund  "Standing Ovation"  (me)
1987 Live In Cork
11.12.1987 Geleen, Holland
11.30.1987 Stuttgart Germany
12/03/87 Offenbach, Germany
12.09.87 Zürich, Switzerland, "live at the Volkshaus"
09.11.88 Heppenheim, Germany
11.19.1988 Wolverhampton, England
12.02.88 St. ALbans, Cityhall, England  (Masa)
02/17/88 Dublin, Ireland
02/18/88 Dublin, Ireland
02/19/88 Dublin, Ireland
02/20/88 Dublin, Ireland
05.09.1990 Germany, Ohne Filter (Masa)
10.17.1990 Rocklife Cologne Germany  (me)
02/20/91 Japan "Club Citta Kawasaki"
03/06/91 San Diego
03.11.91 Chuys Temps, Arizona & 74 "On Tour"
03.15.91 Santa Cruz  (Masa)
03/16/91 San Diego
03.17.91 San Jose, the Cabaret (Masa)
03.20.91 Minneapolis, at the Guthrie
03/20/91 Minneapolis "Live at the Guthrie" (another one)
03.24.1991 The Empire Cleveland Ohio USA
03/26/91 Toronto, Canada "El Mocambo"
03.26.1991 El Mocambo Flush  (Masa)
1992 best Wishes! Live in Europe!
09/02/92 Reitstadion, Stuttgart, Germany
10.29.92 London, England
12.13.1992 Bonn, Germany, Blues Festival
12/13/92 Bonn Bluesfestival, Germany (2)  (Stefanos)
12.15.92 Amsterdam (Paradiso)
12.18.92 Bataclan, France
`94 Pistoia Italy & `75 Don Kirschner
08.94 Lorient, France
10.25.94 Lille, l´Aeronef, France
The Last of the Independants 01.06.95  (Masa)
On French TV
Unplug This!  (Stefanos)
2000 The Paul Jones Show
  Rory Gallagher - Paintings

Walt Peterson's oil painting of Rory
Evi Ivans painted Rory-pictures
Theo Reijnders paintings of Rory
  Rory Gallagher - Pictures / Photos / Bilder

Pics Regensburg `87
Pictures W. Gürster
Tourprogram 1978
Pictures Rorys Strat
Pictures Lancaster`75
Pictures - Rory´s Grave
  Tribute Bands

Sorry Gallagher
Remember Rory
A Taste of Rory
Raw Gallagher    
Bad Penny
The Loop