Oosterhout, Holland, 3 September 2003

written by Dorien Schlief

We (my husband and I) went to Oosterhout to see the gig and here is the
full report.

I was a bit in a sad mood at the beginning of last weekend, and not sure
if we should go to Oosterhout - which would mean a journey of three
hours. But I had a very willing chauffeur: my husband. So we decided
to go anyway, and I'm so happy we went. It was worth every second of it.

We arrived in Oosterhout around half past ten and bands were playing all
over the centre of Oosterhout (I counted 10 different places on a
programme list). The band called Superfloor, which was playing in the
tent, had won the Arrow Classic Rock Award. They did a gig on that
festival, but we missed it then. So we listened for a while and then
went looking for Café Oud Brabant - the pub were Barry would play his
piece of Rock and Blues.

When we arrived, it wasn't very crowded and a band called 'Johnny's
Rattle Shakin' Bluesband' were doing their final song. We installed
ourselves and looked around. Talking to a few people I got the feeling
that most of them knew Barry already. It's a small world after all.

The pub got more and more crowded and then the musicians came on stage.
They were introduced and then the bass player took over and introduced
their special guest (RAPPAPAM-RAPPAPAM): Barry McCabe. The show got
started. I don't know the titles of the songs in row, but it started
rocking. A couple next to us said: This isn't blues? Later on that
evening the same couple were still around and enjoying themselves very
well. So I thought: Do not judge something before knowing the whole
story. At first the crowed were just listening but later on they started
moving their feet.

The "Band" (with which Barry did this gig), called Red Eye Gravy, played
Full Moon On Main St., Fine, fine, fine, 634-5789 and Some kind of
Wonderful and many more, and Barry did one on his own: Adam & Eve.
Isn't that a beautiful song!!!! By the way, the Red Eye Gravy band is a
band specially formed for this Blues Festival in Oosterhout and the only
steady member is the bass player, Bart Kamp.

I thought it was a very nice gig and I enjoyed myself enormously -and
I'm very glad that I got the change to have a little talk with Barry. He
was a bit surprised to see a Backstage member this evening, I believe.

I have lost my voice almost completely, because of too little sleep and
a busy weekend, but inhaled lots of positive energy (and the good mood
is back, so smile!!) because of going to this gig. Thanks Barry!!

Hope to see you again soon and for everybody else: have a nice day.

Bye, bye, Dorien